Project Prophecy Lyrics by Blue Sky Black Death & Hell Razah

  • Album Release Date: 2007
  • Features : {“ILL BILL”,Sabac}

[Hook: Hell Razah]
Project prophecy (Atlantic Towers)
Project prophecy (Red Hook)
Project prophecy (Fort Green)
Project prophecy (Brownsville)
Project prophecy (Freeport)
Project prophecy (Roosevelt)
Project prophecy…

[Hell Razah]
Aiyo peep it, I build like the pyramids of Egypt
Born October the first, it was an eclipse
Sittin’ in the back of the Caddy with my daddy
Raised off of Curtis, Al Green and Barry
We came from the alleys to buildin’ at rallies
Now we see unity from Brooklyn to Cali
I walk through the Valley of Death
Y’all better go and carry a vest
Cuz ain’t no batteries left
I’m possesed by the spirits sometimes I’m Malcolm X
I confessed to the church and reversed the bomb threat
Bring the war to the Pentagon, I’ll polly on in Babylon
They make hits like Barry Bonds
I drop jewels like Fahrakkhan
Y’all niggas only shine when them lights and cameras on
A Renaissance Child is gone, say “Shalom”
Open my palm and read “I’m a prophet of God”…
[Hook: Hell Razah]
Project prophecy (Seflow)
Project prophecy (Vanderveer)
Project prophecy (L.G.)
Project prophecy…

[Ill Bill]
Projects, the pyramids, apocalypse, lyricists
We products of livin’ on blocks who shot heroin
Rock spot veterans, plot upon medicine
Spot for our benefit, why God invented it
Fifty four seventeen Farington, moms rented it
Listen close for those that cannot remember it
Two bench room formin’ in the project teniment
Mad beef everyday, even my grandma represent
Everyready cuz the PJ’s is like startin’ a race
Five minutes late, step up the pace
It ain’t about where you from it’s where you goin’
But that don’t mean that you should turn your back on where you came from
Homey, digital mastered, first time on DVD
Critically acclaimed, my words rhyme on TV screens
Perfectly, scientifically, inertly
My verses speak mercilessly, manifestation of eternity
First degree surges move, mercenaries use serpent juice
Curse the youth, burn the truth, churches or schools
Goverments or army, Commy’s fast versus Nazi’s
Coke dealers, co-D’s, it’s Dhali Lama’s or Swami’s
Grip some produce at swap meets, gangstafied hip-hop beats
Brought by the El Dorados in Jeeps
Overseas we’re top models and freaks
We pop bottles and grease
Hopin’ we be promised tomorrow at least
Project prophecy…
[Hook: samples]
“The problems got us at the bottom” -] Killah Priest
“We starvin’ in the martyring Sodom” -] Killah Priest
“The problems got us at the bottom” -] Killah Priest
“We’re here from the projects”

[Sabac Red]
Smell the endo, music blare out the windows
The beats reign, peep fools that stare at my skintone
Child of the eighties, crack and Reagenomics
Wild as a baby, I’m back to pay homage
Scarlets and windows, all the truth of my neighbors
Front of New Yig’s bodegga was the fruits of my labor
The movers and fakers, justifyin’ the blocks
Bunch of losers and faggots in disguise with the cops
The arrival of Watts and Bedstuy embracin’
The economy shot, red eyes and made men
Interrogation, evil, the trojan ain’t protected by the nation of the people
Buildin’ schools they neglected
A message from the Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses
Aggressive in the scheme of things, heart of Spartacus
Regardless if life ain’t right or lookin’ easy
Creativity grows in Brooklyn, believe me

[Chorus: Sabac Red (Hell Razah)
Our borough (Project prophecy)
Lafeyette (Project prophecy)
Searise (Project prophecy)
Greaten (Project prophecy
Marcy, Pink Houses, Gates Avenue)
[Hook x2]

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