Better Than Jewelry Lyrics by Blue Sky Black Death & Hell Razah

  • Album Release Date: 2007
  • Features : {}

[Intro: Hell Razah]
Yeah… Razah…
You’re now climbin’ up, another level right now

[Hell Razah]
Since these labels said screw me
I’m like “Fuck it, I’ma do me” and loosely weed in some new beats
It’s Ghetto Government Official, apartment 2G
You now get ya head chopped and dropped for two fees
See it’s Yourz Truly, I rock the coolest cuffie
Just got the newest Uzi, and I will shoot a groupie
My life is real like the Malcolm movie
They all salute me now and say “Rubiez”
I drop knowledge like it’s hot jewelry
And you cannot suit me
Y’all got a deal now you actin’ bougie
Ain’t no Soul Food now, you only into sushi
You Speedballin’ like John Beluschi
Slow down homey… you a King but ya crown’s on me
You out of bounds and you sound phony
B.K., spray a round for me (BLAAAP!)
We was born and we die lonely
My testimony is to ride doley
[Chorus: samples]
“Mind degree, twelve jewels, eat the food that I give” -] Wise Intelligent
“Solidified negative vibes are liquified by the…” -] Killa Sin
“Combined, X and Y created physical Gods, no lie” -] Wise Intelligent
“It comes time I take back what was once mine” -] Inspectah Deck

[Hook: Hell Razah (overlaps Deck sample)]
My wisdom is better than jewelry


[Hell Razah]
Just call me Razah Rubiez, I do my daddy duties
I copped my wiz a Shitzu, she named it after Snoopy
Gave you my first album, was like a Malcolm movie
Put on that kevlaar cuffie, loadin’ a black Uzi
I’m where the black Jews be, takin’ expensive jewelries
And Black Market Gucci is givin’ out the oochies
I rock a leather fedora with angelical aura
God presence is on us whenever the devils’ll swarm us
We’ll get back to you, don’t fuck with an offers
We built the mini office and now we really bosses
I be a Renaissance Man, I ain’t into Porsches
We here to save the children that’s on their way to coffins
Plus the young mothers who got to have abortions
You still a paid slave, you payin’ tax extortion
And whitewash the portrait so it can match the copies
I be a Renaissance Man against the wicked forces



[Hook 2 x4: Hell Razah samples]
“MC classic”
“I Hell Raze the dead”
“When I speak to the masses”

[Outro: Hell Razah (overlaps last repeat of hook 2)]
Razah Rubiez, Kingston and Young God
Let’s go, let’s go another, another step on the ladder
It’s a Blue Sky Black Death for y’all now

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