Under H.A.W.Kz Wingz Lyrics by Big Hawk

  • Album Release Date: 2000
  • Features : {“Ronnie Spencer”,Skyy}

(*Ronnie Spencer singing*)

[Hook: Skyy – 2x]
You’re the sun, you’re the rain
You’re the wind, beneath my wings
How can I be down, down

Are you down baby, would you be my lady
The love you gave me, only makes me crazy
Like Patrick Swayze, your ghost I will be
If I tried the situation, ever became of me
I’m your man, so peep’s my game plan
As we walk through white sands, on foreign islands
It’s so fancy, like Mr. Raw from tattoo
Ain’t nothing in the world, I wouldn’t do for you
You my baby boo, do what you want me to do
And let nature take it’s course, on this rendezvous
A Caribbean cruise, a little jazz and blues
And we clutch our tongues touch, it leads to passionate moods
I have the blues, only keeps me coming
The bed springs are humming, while I’m deep sea plumbing
No matter the rules, from lost loves of the past
You reassigned relief, as if I found it at last you’re my everything
[Hook – 2x]

(*Ronnie Spencer & Skyy singing*)

[Hook – 2x]

(how can I be down), now that’s a good question
The golden rule, is make a good first impression
Parental discretion, is most definitely advised
As I caress your breasts, and slide between your thighs
Look into your eyes, tells me you’re qualified
To be my lady my lover, better yet my wife
On point precise, when I take this plunge
Then I make you cum, and have you soaking like a sponge
Your job ain’t done, you must prove to me
That you’re a independent woman, in this society
Don’t lie to me, cause lies bring deceit
And infidelity, but only comes with a cheat
Remain discreet, don’t mix the bitter with the sweet
Beware of who you meet, then it’s gonna be me
The chosen one, my Nubian queen
You have earned this position, to get under H.A.W.K.’s wings are you down

[Hook – 2x]

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