They Scared Lyrics by Big Hawk

  • Album Release Date: 2001
  • Features : {“Lil\’ O”}

These niggas scared
These niggas scared

[Hook – 2x]
These niggas scared (yeah)
They scared (yeah), they scared (yeah)
They scared (whoa)

Scared of the vocab, scared to give me dap
Scared to pull up, on side of my slab
Scared of this hard nigga, scared to pull a trigger
I’m already big, so they scared I’ll get bigger
Scared cause I’m dedicated, and the fact that I’m motivated
For those who playa hated, compliments are appreciated
Your character’s animated, to me you second rated
To uncoordinated, and highly over rated
I’m game affiliated, you hang with nerds
You scared of my delivery, and the use of words
I’m the shit you a terd, got action in verbs
But you won’t get served, unless you know the password
They scared of the way, that I collect my funds
They scared of the way, that I bust my guns
They scared, cause I’m screaming at the top of my lungs
They scared cause H.A.W.K won’t bite his tongue
[Hook – 4x]

[Lil O]
They scared of the upper cuts, they man with puppy nuts
Niggas with periods, playing games like dubble dutch
And don’t get your bubble bust, you scared of the heat
When a wolf go to war, he never spare the sheep
Its harder like this, kidnap your daughters and kids
Find the names of the snitches, hit where all of em live
Write his name on a bullet, cause all of em his
That fill em up like a pencil, its all in a bitch
You scared of the wall, scared to get hit by the four
If I make a call, your body parts hitting the floor
I keep my money in the ceiling, and a brick in the wall
I slap the teeth out your mouth, and stick dick to your heart
How could you disregard, boy I hit too hard
Like I won’t mask up, and get with you boys
Think I won’t send my bud to your house, to get you broads
Hooked up with some big guns, that rip through doors, they scared

[Hook – 4x]

Scared of the police, scared of a mouthpiece
Scared cause my 16’s, are hotter than fish cream
Scared cause I showcase, when I rap over hard days
Scared cause I’m the bomb, and I’m ready to detonate
Scared cause I bring pain, reminiscing to who sang
Just add propane, and I spit orange flames
It ain’t no game, I shield my rings
No talking when I aim, a guerilla that’s untamed
Scared cause I’m the best, scared to contest
Scared cause my lyrics, are harder than spanish tests
I’m blessed with success, my skills are progressed
And my thing in process, leave the weak minded under stress
I strongly suggest, you change your address
Pack up and head west, or settle for second best
I must confess, I’m hard to digest
Gun in my armrest, for easy access, they scared
[Hook – 4x]

These niggas scared
These niggas scared
These niggas scared
These niggas scared

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