Pimpin Aint a Thang Lyrics by Big Hawk

  • Album Release Date: 2001
  • Features : {Scooby,”Jim Deezy”}

Pimping, ain’t a thang to me
That’s why, I keep it in the family
Pass it to the homies, then pass it to me
That just the way, it’s suppose to be

Now follow this, slurp it up and swallow it
Now take the dick, and tongue kiss the other bitch
Menage tois, man they love this shit
Rule one, you gotta make the hoe
Break the hoe, and learn how to shake the hoe
But make the do’, bitch who you working fo’
H-A-Dub-K, the one who run the show
So now you know, get down on bended knee
Count to three, and suck it till I start to pee
Ooh-wee, I’m about to cum
I’m having fun, now go on give me partna some
Break em off, your underwear I take em off
And the motherfuckers hating, go on shake em off
Don’t take a loss, or you’ll have to listen to me
With a backhand, S-L-A-P
[Hook – 2x]

Vroom, hopping out Ferarri cars
I pimp ‘vard, and I hit barbie dolls
You kidding broad, I ain’t in a gallon house
I’ma drop you chickens, like a album H.A.W.K
Look, why should I like a chick
When I can get do’, and ice my wrist
Trifling trick, I ain’t wifing shit
Cause I don’t fuck around, with that type of shit
I’m Scoo-Young, you don’t want your bitch in the mix
Cause if Scoo-Young done that, she gon hit in the mix
You know if I get, she gon get the dick
And I don’t share do’, you get’s nothing trick
I’m pimping, hoes be loving me
The Jag on dubs, and it’s bubbly
When I’m on stage, I be touching me
Your tongue action, I love to see let’s go

[Hook – 2x]

[Jim Deezy]
Hit the slut, then pass the slut
We all know, she a nasty slut
You could fuck, just ask the slut
Hell bring your click, and mash the slut
She like to touch on her toes, suck on hoes
Follow the shows, and fuck on the road
Behind tint, she fuck in the load
She like to clutch on buck, suck on nuts
If I give her the word, she’ll bloody your tux
Dig a ditch, and muddy you up
After you, then paint the fuck
Cause my bitch, ain’t afraid to bust what
[Hook – 2x]

Now see the moral of the story is, don’t sweat these hoes
They can fuck, they can suck
But they ain’t getting a god damn thang, from Mr. Way baby
H.A.W.K., I know you a pimp motherfucker
Scooby, you’s a big pimp man
Jimmy D, don’t let me get on your ass nigga we pimping
Game Face in this motherfucker, and we out

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