I Like That Girl Lyrics by Big Hawk

  • Album Release Date: 2007
  • Features : {“Lil\’ O”,”Mike-D (S.U.C.)”}

Yeah playa shit, I like all kind of girls mayn
I like em Black, White, Asian, Chinese
I like a freak though

I need a freak bitch, that’ll skeet what you eat bitch
A freak bitch, that I don’t have to teach shit
I take em Black, Latin or Asian
Brazilian, Malaysian, and even Caucasian
I like em young, with they hormones raging
That don’t mind they girlfriends, participating
I like a girl, with a nice round ass
A little pizazz, a freak but she got some class
I like a girl, that’s slim and petite
Them girls is freaks, plus them girls wombs are deep
They sucking meat, then they swallow your skeet
Have you fiending for that ass, like a dog in heat
He’ll repeat, Big H.A.W.K. lives by this
And I don’t fuck with niggas, cause I fuck’s a bitch
I hate to admit, I love me a down ass chick
And wait, till you see my dick
[Hook: Scooby]
Holla at a nigga, when you see me in the streets bitch
Ain’t no secret, I need me a freak bitch
You wanna roll, we could hop up in the sheets quick
She in the car, trying to let a nigga see shit
(I like that girl, I like that girl
I like that girl, I like that girl
I like that girl, I like that girl
I like that girl, I like that kind of girl)

[Lil’ O]
Yeah I like em pretty face, skinny waist
With a booty so big, it’ll sit in place
So when she walk man, it wiggle
When I hit it from the back, her cheeks start to jiggle
Homie don’t fuck her, she just fall out and giggle
Cause she gon off the dro, and she just popped a skittle
Plus she be dripping, way mo’ than a little
When it go…when I jump in the middle, whoa
Fat Rat Wit Da Cheese, I’m off the rockers
Better ask somebody, how I fuck these boppers
Got em in the room, riding dick all topless
Yelling out Lil’ O, please don’t stop this
Rub me out, beat it up
Let it rain on me, when you skeet a nut
She a rich bad bitch, she don’t need your bucks
She just like it when a real G, squeeze her butt straight up

[Mike D]
I use to tell em all, if you ain’t sucking I ain’t fucking
Now I tell em all, if you menage it ain’t nothing
Better ask your girlfriend, how Corleone get down
I’m some’ing like a pimp, when I lay my lick down
Make your backbone quiver, I hop up in ya
Shots of that liquor, got you lawed by your liver now
Run tell your friends, how a real nigga did ya
Let you bust three, blame the referee and blow the whistle
They say nobody knows, where the nose goes
When the do’s close, that’s why I ain’t loving you hoes
A nigga singing now, so I change em like clothes
Unless you like chicks, fuck with you hoe
Ain’t no fun, if your homie can’t have none
H.A.W.K. threw the bitch on one, now it’s on brah

[Hook – 2x]

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