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  • Album Release Date: 2003
  • Features : {“Big Moe”}

[Chorus: Big Moe]
It’s the southside of H Town-Home of S-U-C
Y’all boys were not, for H.A.W.K. and M-O-E
Just the two of us together-for Screw and P-A-T
And we just wanna thank y’all for all the memories

It’s so hard to say goodbye, to yesterday
Screw, Pat, and K…and D-E-A
I’ve got so much to say, but there’s so little time
For y’all I grind, and also for y’all I shine
One of a kind that best describes DJ Screw
And all my shine I owe it all to you
You opened so many doors, with those freestyle flows
And shows and videos, got Big Moe exposed
This thank you goes to you and Fat Pat
And I’m sure the whole click would agree with that
From E.S.G, the Mike D, the Lil’Keke
Big Pokey and C Note from Botany
M-O-E, Grace, Ro, ya boy Al D…the original members of the S.U.C
And as for me I’m down on bendin knees
Thankin P-A-T for introducin you to me

[Big Moe]
R.I.P to my G’s, that didn’t survive
DJ Screw and P-A-T mayne
Well I’ve told you once, I’ve told you twice
I’m a let them boys know S.U.C ain’t nothin nice
We throwed in the game and you know we maintain
Let you boys know ain’t a damn thing changed
Screw-U is on my mind, as I bump and I grind
Moe-Yo I’m thinkin shine…P-A-T tops drop mayne
And as long as I’m here we body rockin mayne
We gon’shine from side to side, nation wide
S.U.C on the mic we goin live-M-O-E and the H.A.W.K
On the mic you know we don’t play, don’t play


Here’s a blast from the past, for my day one cats
From Yellow Stone, to Dead End, to Aristocrat
Across the tracks this is a real throwback
A grey tape, white strip…ink blue or black
How bout 2-8-9-10-79, with that fool in the corner
If ya tape says fool that means ya so old school
You need to lock them tapes up with ya family jewels
No Drank, Gallon 1, and Leanin On A Switch
And that June 27th that’s some classic shit
Write ya list and Screw gon’act bad for you
Fat Pat might walk in and just smash for you
I mash for two, it’s Fat Pat and DJ Screw
And the Screwed Up Click still tight like crew
And Screw I thank you for what you did for me
Without you there would be no S.U.C

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