Hater Luv It When Your Down Lyrics by Big Hawk

  • Album Release Date: 2000
  • Features : {“Shonda \”Skyy\””””}”

[Hook: Shonda “Skyy”]
Haters love, when you’re down
All them haters love, when you’re down
Haters make the world, go round
All them haters love, when you’re down

[Verse 1: H.A.W.K.]
Say they love me, when the word is out
They still talking about, how you lost your clout
By word of mouth, it just spread through the South
But them haters don’t know, what they talking bout
It ain’t no doubt, they just sitting back waiting
Contemplating, devising plots for hating
Perpetrating, but I’m evaluating
It’s another actor’s hating, complicating situations
No justification, to these false accusations
They faking and shaking, is it cause the money I’m making
Bricks I’m making, or the trips I’m taking
In the ganja fields, chilling with the Jamaicans
It’s highly mistaken, trying to hold me back
I’ma squash the chit-chat, when I rat-ta-tat-tat
Back-back back-back, playa move around
Cause the haters and the fakers, really love it when you’re down

[Verse 2: H.A.W.K.]
Now back in ’93, I made the world feel me
On my first Screw tape, with Lil’ Keke
Playa haters envy, cause they couldn’t copy
So they started riding me, like a horse jockey
Me and P-A-T, start rapping regurly
We were labeled wanna-be’s, in this rap industry
Now boys seeing me, all on T.V
Grammy nominee, on BET
Everything’s on me, show money tax free
I’m a V.I.P., in your community
Now I garuntee, I was on bended knee
Asking G-O-D, continue to guide me
Provide me the name, lace me up with game
The gift to entertain, to those who complain
They just jealous mayn, I guess that’s the case
So I sustain, to keep them haters out my face


[Verse 3: H.A.W.K.]
Remember players and haters, have no common denominators
It gets greater later, if you stray from perpetrators
I pull mo’ stunts, than Evil Knievel
Cause I’m on that chase, for the root of all evil
Trying to thread the needle, making hits like the Beetles
This is just the first chapter, of the legendary sequel
My people be congregating, find ways to separate
Cause haters and fakes, I continue to annihilate
They motivate, me to fill my destiny
One of the smartest not the hardest, artists in this industry
So now you see, that the shit that I spit
Is so legit, while you bumping your gums like a hippocrit
Case dismissed, as I umptfully stated
And I remain agitated, to those less motivated
I’m underrated, but that soon will change
When I figure out this plain, on this hating thang
[Hook – 2x]


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