H.A.W.K. Lyrics by Big Hawk

  • Album Release Date: 2000
  • Features : {“Big Moe”,Kendra}

[Hook: Big Moe & (Kendra) – 4X]
H-A-W-K, (H-A-W-K)

Hardcore carnivoure, the man you can’t ignore
Certified platinum artist, ‘fore my album hit the store
Further more it’s for sure, like I said before
I deserve a encore, plus a whole lot more
Time to settle the score, like Charlie Baltimore
Made the crowd uproar, Southside ambassador
From Ecuador Singapore, to El Salvador
Got fans galore, that label me the emperor
I’m the king, better get up under my wing
Bling-bling, goes the rocks on my bezeltyne
Ching-ching, it’s money over everything
A battling, all broads on my ding-a-ling
Pinky ring, glistening with bout two karats
Balling, out of control is a daily habit
Living lavish, following the steps of Alita
As I strive on a quest, to be my brother’s succeeder I be the
[Hook – 4X]

Here record assassin, I’m dangerous
Plus my status, is platinum plus
If you talking down, you need to hush
Riding 20 inches, on my 6-4 bus
Step out of line, I got to bust
Leave out of state, remain anonymous
I’m bout the dollar, in God I trust
Don’t mess with broads, that are scandalous
All of these haters, envy me
Cause they see my face, on BET
Me and Kay-K, and Ron G
Bout to take over, this industry
All of my partnas, feeling me
Balling out of control, to the highest degree
Everything costs, ain’t nothing free
I got more zero’s, than the lottery I be the

[Hook – 4X]

I’m the thoedest of the thoedest, when it comes to words
And definitely one of the coldest, when it comes to birds
Are V’s get slurred, with these nouns and verbs
Plus the flashing of my jewelry, leaves your vision blurred
Fuck what you heard, my dress code superb
And like Outkast, I stay crumbling herb
I’m off the hook, the man you can’t over look
All crooks, bout to get they manhood took
Raise the roof, if you got a fat pocketbook
Now look, I’m in magazines and books
Rap game icon, and I don’t bar none
Spit the realest of the real, like the Holy Caron
The Don phenomenon, pushing black Yukon
Can’t you see I’m the one, that they label the bomb
I leave ’em sprung, cloud full of smoke in my lungs
And by the flipping of the tongue, I can make your gal cum I be the
[Hook – 12X]

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