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Asher Roth Ft. Buddy - Spaceship Lyrics, The Newly released song Spaceship from the album 'Flower on the Weekend' sung by Asher Roth.

Asher Roth Ft. Buddy - Spaceship Lyrics

Spaceship Lyrics

Yeah, Time Travelin', Mind Ravelin', Unravelin'
I 'Magine, I'm Dazzlin', I'm Tasked With Makin' Sense Of This Mess
I Confess, I've No Idea Were We're Headed
But Instead Of Gettin' All Up In My Head And So Embedded, Dreaded
Everything That's Ever Been, Jetted, Just Forget It
Never Let It Get The Best Of Me, Effort So Pathetic
Gotta Shed The Skin That Get Us Here
Pessimistic, Better Year
Fetish With The Yester Year
Generation Extra Fear
Metal Gear Solid Modelty
Most Goddess Believe In The False Prophets, Leavin' It All Behind Us
Free From All The Gossip (Woo), Feelin' Like God Got His Way

Spaceship, Take Me All The Way To You
Take Me Away From All The Bullshit, Baby

Weed Rollin', Weed Smokin', Remote Controllin'
Real Life, Rollercoaster And Overdosin' Of Off Somethin'
Potent In Front The Lil' Homies
Maintain And Maintaining, OG's Gangbangin'
Dope Slangin', Money Makin', Niggas Hatin'
Pants Saggin', Buddy Is The Name, Same Nigga Since Myspace
Swagger Jackin' Actors Always Yappin' Out The Mouth
I Get It Crackin', Got The Money Flippin', Acrobatics
Okay, First Thing First I Repeat, I Repeat
Homie, These Niggas Don't Want It, I Said These Niggas Don't Want It
You Ain't Snitch Your Homie, Please, Show Me, My Opponent
These Women All Up On The D, Baby Fallin' On Her Knees
Jesus, Help Me Please, I Been Spittin' Out The Pollen Seeds
Coppin' Tees, Poppin' Collars, Bitch, Not A Politician
Had A Dream, Donald Trump Finally Got Impeached
But They Still Won't Let A Nigga Get A Piece
Uh, Still Two-Steppin', Stay Pimpin', Drank Sippin'
Lane Switchin', Day Trippin', Shit's Mind-Bogglin'
Drive Fast Cars Feels Like Time Travelin' (Time Travelin')
Yeah, Lightspeed, No Gravity

Spaceship, Take Me All The Way To You
Take Me Away From All The Bullshit, Baby

Spaceship Song

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